Can A Threesome Ruin Your Relationship?

I’ve received a question from a man, he asks, I’m in a relationship for three years now, I love my woman and I’m very attracted to her. However, lately all I can think of it’s having a threesome, do you think this would ruin our relationship, what should I do?
To be honest, I’ve received this question multiple times until now, so to all of you who’ve ever asked, let’s get real here for a simple act in this case, a threesome cannot make or break a relationship. It’s how each partners responds to it, so can a threesome ruin your relationship? Of course no, but all the dirt that you don’t know how to manage, that will come up to surface after having it. If you have to convince your woman to have a threesome, it means that your relationship half screwed, because threesome is definitely not a conventional practice for a usually monogamous couple and if your woman is not naturally open to this idea, it’s almost a lost game from the beginning. So, what should you do, if you were in a committed relationship and want a threesome?
You need to know your woman, ask her what she believes about threesomes dating in general, and then observe her reaction, if there is excitement, curiosity, if she feels like turned on by the idea and if you feel that this creates a deeper bond between of you instantly, then you can go for it. Asking furthermore what women does you like and start planing for it. A simple attention, a lot of people think that it’s better for them if they have a threesome with a trusted friend. I actually believe this, I believe the exact opposite. I think that the unity and the intimacy of a couple is easier to be maintained if the third person is and remains unknown. But if your woman doesn’t agree with this and you still want it, and it’s a pure dating and relationship for you, what should you do? First, don’t judge yourself for this. I want you to always remember that even as the spiritual beings that we are and we can here and this body in this world to have the human experience without much judgement. Sometimes, those promiscuous wall desires will arise and then you won’t even want to stop them. So, in that moment, don’t stop them, accept what it is, accept yourself as you are. If you’d be a perfect story you’d say to yourself never mind, I’m going to shut this desire and I’m going to stay rational. I love my woman and my commitment to her goes far beyond my human desire. But in my experience, becoming a real spike only happens after you’ve taken the other route around, after you’ve gone bad, after you’ve made the mistake that you had to do in order to learn what works better for you.
In a word, a threesome relationship cannot break a relationship if you can deal with your committed relationship and the threesome relationship well.

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