5 dating tips for big beautiful or plus-seized girls

BBW dating can be not easy for most of people, As a big woman, I want to share some BBW dating tips and advice with you guys, and I hope it can be helpful.

The first tip is to put effort like effort into the way you look, you have strong effort, because I hate to be the one to tell you if you didn't already know this. But in the dating world, being overweight like a handicap against you, because society paints a picture that beautiful looks one way, and sometimes being overweight doesn't really fall into what society says being beautiful is. So you have to step up your game to kind of overcome that handicap. For lack of a better word, a good way to do that is to do your makeup, your hair and your dress nice every time you leave the house, for me, that is not doable, because I am so lazy. But when I am going out and there are opportunities to meet man, I definitely put extra efforts like I will do my makeup and make me look good. I suggest that you do that as well because you want to look flawless and you want to just be so flawless that they see past. The fact that you are a little bit pudgy or a lot of your country if you are a lot of budging, so this is my first tip.

The second tip is to be confident. There is nothing sexier than confidence. If you don't have the confidence, I suggest you fake it until you make it, fake it until you really develop it. You know carry yourself like you think you are the hottest thing. Walking not arrogantly, there is definitely a difference. Don't carry yourself arrogantly, because that's nasty, that's makes you ugly, but carry yourself with confidence. Guys love a confident girl, they don't want to meet a big beautiful girl at the bar who's kind of like hunched over. So, make sure that you are always presenting yourself as somebody who is confident.

Tip number three is to know your worth and not settle something. I see overweight girls doing often is settling and I think it might because we think we won't be able to sign someone better than what we currently have. Maybe it takes a long time to find somebody who likes you in the first place and now you found somebody, because you don't want to be alone. I think you should not let the fear of being alone keep you trapped in a situation, where you are not really happy, because as crazy as it sounds to you, if one person likes you, most likely somebody else will like you also. So, don't blind yourself into a committed relationship with someone you don't like.

Tip number four, I think it's very important. Fat girl, overweight girl, and pudgy girl whatever you want to call yourself when you are at a date, there is nothing more stupid looking than when you are at a restaurant and you are not eating. Because you are self-conscious about the way you fit like the way you look, he can see you, he sees that you are overweight, you see that you eat so by not eating. I mean don't shovel food in your mouth like a slob, but eat like you normally eat.

Tip number five is to make sure you have fun on a pure dating, don't take yourself too seriously. We are on a date and I know sometimes when you are over eight, dates are few and far between, so you really want to make a good impression. But try not to overthink it, and try not to act like this is your first dating in five years. Make sure you are enjoying yourself having a good time.