Can A Threesome Ruin Your Relationship?

I've received a question from a man, he asks, I'm in a relationship for three years now, I love my woman and I'm very attracted to her. However, lately all I can think of it's having a threesome, do you think this would ruin our relationship, what should I do?

To be honest, I've received this question multiple times until now, so to all of you who've ever asked, let's get real here for a simple act in this case, a threesome cannot make or break a relationship. It's how each partners responds to it, so can a threesome ruin your relationship? Of course no, but all the dirt that you don't know how to manage, that will come up to surface after having it. If you have to convince your woman to have a threesome, it means that your relationship half screwed, because threesome is definitely not a conventional practice for a usually monogamous couple and if your woman is not naturally open to this idea, it's almost a lost game from the beginning. So, what should you do, if you were in a committed relationship and want a threesome?

You need to know your woman, ask her what she believes about threesomes dating in general, and then observe her reaction, if there is excitement, curiosity, if she feels like turned on by the idea and if you feel that this creates a deeper bond between of you instantly, then you can go for it. Asking furthermore what women does you like and start planning for it. A simple attention, a lot of people think that it's better for them if they have a threesome with a trusted friend. I actually believe this, I believe the exact opposite. I think that the unity and the intimacy of a couple is easier to be maintained if the third person is and remains unknown. But if your woman doesn't agree with this and you still want it, and it's a pure dating and relationship for you, what should you do? First, don't judge yourself for this. I want you to always remember that even as the spiritual beings that we are and we can here and this body in this world to have the human experience without much judgement. Sometimes, those promiscuous wall desires will arise and then you won't even want to stop them. So, in that moment, don't stop them, accept what it is, accept yourself as you are. If you'd be a perfect story you'd say to yourself never mind, I'm going to shut this desire and I'm going to stay rational. I love my woman and my commitment to her goes far beyond my human desire. But in my experience, becoming a real spike only happens after you've taken the other route around, after you've gone bad, after you've made the mistake that you had to do in order to learn what works better for you.

In a word, a threesome relationship cannot break a relationship if you can deal with your committed relationship and the threesome relationship well.

5 dating tips for big beautiful or plus-seized girls

BBW dating can be not easy for most of people, As a big woman, I want to share some BBW dating tips and advice with you guys, and I hope it can be helpful.

The first tip is to put effort like effort into the way you look, you have strong effort, because I hate to be the one to tell you if you didn't already know this. But in the dating world, being overweight like a handicap against you, because society paints a picture that beautiful looks one way, and sometimes being overweight doesn't really fall into what society says being beautiful is. So you have to step up your game to kind of overcome that handicap. For lack of a better word, a good way to do that is to do your makeup, your hair and your dress nice every time you leave the house, for me, that is not doable, because I am so lazy. But when I am going out and there are opportunities to meet man, I definitely put extra efforts like I will do my makeup and make me look good. I suggest that you do that as well because you want to look flawless and you want to just be so flawless that they see past. The fact that you are a little bit pudgy or a lot of your country if you are a lot of budging, so this is my first tip.

The second tip is to be confident. There is nothing sexier than confidence. If you don't have the confidence, I suggest you fake it until you make it, fake it until you really develop it. You know carry yourself like you think you are the hottest thing. Walking not arrogantly, there is definitely a difference. Don't carry yourself arrogantly, because that's nasty, that's makes you ugly, but carry yourself with confidence. Guys love a confident girl, they don't want to meet a big beautiful girl at the bar who's kind of like hunched over. So, make sure that you are always presenting yourself as somebody who is confident.

Tip number three is to know your worth and not settle something. I see overweight girls doing often is settling and I think it might because we think we won't be able to sign someone better than what we currently have. Maybe it takes a long time to find somebody who likes you in the first place and now you found somebody, because you don't want to be alone. I think you should not let the fear of being alone keep you trapped in a situation, where you are not really happy, because as crazy as it sounds to you, if one person likes you, most likely somebody else will like you also. So, don't blind yourself into a committed relationship with someone you don't like.

Tip number four, I think it's very important. Fat girl, overweight girl, and pudgy girl whatever you want to call yourself when you are at a date, there is nothing more stupid looking than when you are at a restaurant and you are not eating. Because you are self-conscious about the way you fit like the way you look, he can see you, he sees that you are overweight, you see that you eat so by not eating. I mean don't shovel food in your mouth like a slob, but eat like you normally eat.

Tip number five is to make sure you have fun on a pure dating, don't take yourself too seriously. We are on a date and I know sometimes when you are over eight, dates are few and far between, so you really want to make a good impression. But try not to overthink it, and try not to act like this is your first dating in five years. Make sure you are enjoying yourself having a good time.

What you should know about transgender people

The world "Transgender" seems like strange for most of Americans, they know very little about transgender people's life, and they even cannot answer any questions about gender identity.

Due to the lack of understanding, gender discrimination is common exist in our living environment. Transgender people often suffer from violence. Transgender people's unemployment rate is double of other people, and the unemployment rate of transgender people of color is especially high. Moreover, transgender and transsexual people are more likely to commit suicide.

Nowadays, more and more LGBT members are working to reduce gender discrimination, violence, and wish to be respected by other people. Communicating with transgender people openly and respectfully is the first step to change the current situation.

Elliot Fukui, TransJustice Coordinator at the Audre Lorde Project said in CBS News interview "A lot of it isn't as complicated as folks feel like it is. It's really just about asking questions in ways that aren't triggering or harmful to folks." There are many different ways for people to describe themselves, never judge other people's way of life. "The best practice if you're not sure of someone's pronoun is just to ask in a respectful way. I usually ask when I meet someone for the first time: What is your preferred gender pronoun?" Fukui added.

Fukui was born as female, and he has a trans man now. Fukui also says he doesn't like to dress and act in conventional and normal ways, he wears whatever he likes.
Transgender people are those who's gender identity is different from their birth gender. A common misunderstanding about transgender people is that they all undergo surgery to change their bodies, medical interventions like surgery is very expensive and many transgender people cannot afford the surgery.

'cisgender' is the opposite of 'transgender', it means people live and act as their birth gender. "Transgender means 'across' and cis means 'same.' It's a way to talk about gender issues without making cisgender 'normal,'" Fukui says.

According to Fukui, transgender people are creating many new terms to expand gender system, so that it can includes all sexual preference and gender identity, and they want to be accepted and respected by this way.

Life is hard and the world isn't safe for transgender people. Seven transgender women were killed in the US this year, and this kinds of things are happening everyday and everywhere.

They may also be treated as sex workers. According to a report about Transgender Equality, there are one in sex transgender people are incarcerated in their lives, and the number of black transgender people is even more.

However, it's better than before. Due to constantly hard working of transgender people, more and more people start to pay attention to transgender equality, many famous people in American start to share their stories. People's view on transgender people is more positive than before.

As the increasing number of transgender people in the world, they are accepted by most of people new. According to a survey commissioned by the Human Rights Campaign, the number of transgender people in the US is increasing, they are acceptable and even treated friendly by other people.

Top 4 Tips to choose Online Dating Sites

Online dating create a new virtual world and seems to be quite popular than any other dating platform. Online trans dating sites provide the best possible results based on your search and requirements. It is also efficient and popular because with the help of online dating sites, you already know the person you are going to meet or date. There are many benefits of online dating websites especially when you are looking for someone special related to special community. However, instead of pros, there are few cons also in online ts dating and you must be aware from these cons and avoid yourself to get scammed or cheated. It’s better to be wise while choosing any online dating site for yourself.

Here are few tips that might help you to understand that which online dating site is better for you and why you should go for that particular site rather than other available websites in web. Here are the tips-

1. Select a dating website based on your search
What exactly you are looking for? What is your orientation? These details must be clear for you while selecting a website for you. This is basically not that mandatory for straight guys or girls but in case you are looking for transsexual dating, transgender dating, cross-dresser dating, gay dating, lesbian dating, threesome dating, than surely you need to know choose the website that is designed for one of these particular services. That helps you to connect with those people to whom you are looking for.
It will help you to find the right partner that you are looking and also a great customer service support based on your search, requirements and query.

2. Avoid any Scams
As you already know, there are plenty of online scammers all around. You need to avoid these scam or fraud websites. One of the best and better way to identify these scam or fraud website is they didn’t provide you a free trial and ask money immediately right after your sign up. Most of the profiles registered in these fraud websites are quite same and identical information. Also, their payment method isn’t also that secure and they never use any HTTPS secure server to protect the payment details.

One of the best and easy ways to know about any website is their user’s feedback and reviews. Check all the reviews until you are sure about the website that it’s a fraud, spam or it is authorized and genuine website for dating.

3. Free Trials
Free trials are something that you must check before registering yourself to any website, because with the help of these free trials, you came to know about the services of the website.

4. Terms and conditions
If you don’t want to get cheated and want to enjoy the online dating for full, it’s best to read all hidden terms & conditions first before paying for any advance and pro version. There are some hidden printed conditions that might create trouble after some time. So to avoid all these circumstance, it’s better to be alert first and read all terms and conditions carefully.

How to handle language barriers in transgender dating?

Are you dating someone who is unfamiliar with your mother language? Would you reconsider continuing your relationship or is it really worth it? As a matter of fact, love can overcome all the obstacles you think you encounter in a relationship. If you're really interested in the person you're dating, you'll find a way to spend time with him or her. Here are some tips on how to strengthen your relationship.

1. Love is not expressed by saying

Communication is much more than just words. You can use your actions to show that you care, like, hate, love and more. It may also mean that you are ready to extend your patience because you know you have a lot of work to do to strengthen your relationship.

You can try using your facial expressions and body language. Do whatever you can, maybe bring something you made yourself or something your partner likes. Express your love in words. You can also do things like hug, hold her hand or kiss her on the cheek. These actions will show your true love for her. In addition, a little bit of silence between you will not damage your feelings. Sometimes just being around each other is enough.

2.Exchange and share your culture with your partner

Whether you've experienced it or not, there are some facts that suggest that some couples have problems in their relationships when they have a lot in common. That's where the difference can be beneficial. There can be conflicts along the way, however, and you can be thankful that you'll never have nothing to share with your partner.

Experiences can be both good and bad but at least you know that the activities you prepare will continue if not for the first time you meet your partner. Plus, if your boyfriend introduces you to his culture, it's a whole new experience for you.

3.Learn the basic words first

Saying hello in your transgender partner's language can lead to a moving conversation. Being interested in his or her native language means you're really thinking about your future with him or her. While you're still trying to learn the language, you can download a translation software on your phone so you can use it anywhere.

In addition, you can read some free references on the Internet. Not understanding language is not always an excuse. However, it may take some time but it's worth it because love is priceless.

Even if you're not committed to a transgender dating, there are obstacles you can encounter in other relationships and with someone. It's normal, and it's important to find the right way to address the generation gap between each other. No relationship is without problems, and everyone needs to put in the time and effort to develop a relationship. The language barrier may be a simple problem in a trans dating relationship, but it's something you need to take seriously.

How to Connect With Threesome Finder?

Some people say that everyone should try at least threesome dating in their lifetime. Whether you are single or in love. Of course, this statement is not necessarily correct. Not everyone has to try threesome. Especially for people with traditional ideas, this step is very difficult to go. Most people think that a three way dating may have an impact on existing relationships or ruin it. In short, people who are unwilling to try a threesome date seem to have a hundred reasons to reject threesome. In fact, the threesome is not as bad as you think, and can be seen for several reasons.

Explore different fun

Many people want threesome to be single and want to find a couple to explore different fun. Their purpose is to experience a different and amazing trip without destroying the relationship of others. They always choose a one-night stand dating, and few people want to build a long-lasting threesome relationship. After all, people who want to get into threesome dating don't want to be fixed in a relationship. For a couple, a threesome date is a way to make both husband and wife happy. As long as either of the spouses does not have any idea of forcing the other party to agree. Not only that, but many polygamous couples and swinging couples often look for unicorns on tinder for threesomes dating sites.

Improve the relationship between couples

Threesome dating can bring more fun to couples' lives. It can even help you strengthen your relationship. Help you find the differences between your partner. Mutual understanding is the basis for a good relationship between husband and wife. The more you know your partner, the more stable your relationship will be. Three way appointments can help couples explore and satisfy each other's desires.

Improve the quality of life

Regular threesome appointments can make people more energetic and positive. They can live better and enjoy the fun of dating. This way you have more time to enjoy a good life than to experience all kinds of sorrow. Regular threesome dating can make the prescribed life less boring.

A good threesome dating guild brings happiness and relaxation to your spirit. But if you don't know how to choose the right and suitable three way partner, you may get into some trouble. In general, most of the threesome people are kind and optimistic. Of course, looking for a three way dating partner on the Internet will definitely encounter some scammers. Just in case, you should know how to distinguish those who really want to find a threesome dating instead of a liar.

Threesome dating is a way of life that has nothing to do with money. If you meet someone who wants money on a tinder for threesomes dating site, you should pay more attention. Most of these people are unwilling to get into threesome dating with money. Don't tell your stranger any information, no matter how sweet words he said. Don't accept gifts and hospitality from others at will. If they don't want to get anything from you, no one will please you.

Things not to do while going out on your first BBW date

So, it’s time to date a BBW woman and you are bit nervous. That is obvious because before that you were only dating a thin and skinny woman and it’s your first time with a BBW woman. However, dating with BBW woman is quite as same as other skinny or slim women but definitely you need to take care of few things before going out for a date with BBW woman. It is important that you won’t touch any critical or sensitive topics that heart them especially when you are dating a BBW woman. Here are some special tips that helps you while dating a BBW woman and certainly with the help of these tips, you will, you will hit a successful date for sure.

Here are some tips that you have to follow while going out on your first BBW date.
Show your manly character to your date – it really doesn’t matter that you are on a date or a casual meet with a woman, it is important to show your gentleman character to her. Open the door for her; pull a chair for your date to your dating partner will really be appreciated. If you are behaving gentle and show your respect and caring character towards your date, it’s quite sure that your date will really appreciate your efforts and love the way you are treating her. Every woman either she is BBW or not, she want a partner that understand them and give respect them.

You must know what to ask or what not – while it’s your first BBW dating and you are dating a plus size woman, so it is quite important for you not to discuss about her weight, gym, daily routine exercises or anything else that hurts their sentiments or feelings. It is advised not to start or discuss anything about her weight or body. If she starts the topic about her body weight or gym exercise or daily routine than you can take part in the conversation but make sure you are only making positive comments and won’t hurt her feeling and won’t make her realize that she is not perfect for you.

Don’t look at other girls while you are with her – It is important that when you are dating a BBW woman, you keep your full attention on her and never see any other girl or woman that sits around you.

Not all but surely some BBW woman are feeling more sensitive or low in confidence when they are in between skinny girls or in public areas. It is believed that men attract more towards skinny girls or woman as compared to BBW woman. That’s the main reason they feel bit uncomfortable when their dating partner is looking skinny women around them.

Choose a place wisely on your first date – it is important that the place where you are going to meet on your first date is comfortable for both. You are dating a BBW woman so make sure the place owns big seats and is quite open. Cycling or any other physical activity on your first date isn’t a good idea.

These are basic but mandatory things that you need to know when you are going for online dating such as couple dating and bbw dating.