Having one night hookup with my neighbor

Last night I had a one night hookup with my neighbor, who is a single divorced mom in her 50s, and I am 25. Such a huge age gap between us even startled me after sharing a night with her. Her son was my close friend, who is 3 years younger than me. To be honest, I did have such an idea of tinder hookup with his mom once back in high school. You know, every boy at that age has a cougar dating dream and her mon was my dream lover at that time. She is beautiful and smoking hot. She and her husband were divorced a long time ago. Since I could remember things, she was always alone and has never been married, but she had a lot of boyfriends. Sometimes, I even saw her going out with two different guys at the same period of time. She lived a quite swinging lifestyle. No wonder she won’t marry again. Being single has it’s own advantages.

I still remembered back in high school, I had a major crush on his mom. Actually, several friends of mine all had crush on her. We talked about her all the time. I even dreamed of sleeping with her once. As I grow up, my feelings toward her faded away as well. However, as you may know, when you had a crush on someone once in your life and you didn’t get her, your feelings won’t die. They are just buried away. When the right opportunity come, they will grow back within no time. That is the case works between me and my neighbor. This time, I was much more experienced than in high school.

I had many experiences in hooking up with different girls, including some mature women over 40s. I met them mainly on hookup apps. These experiences also taught me how to deal with older cougars and how to win them over.

Last night, I decided to go back home and stay with my parents for this weekend. Without notifying them beforehand, I went only to find out they were out of town and won’t be back till the next afternoon. I didn’t have the keys with me, so I had to go to my neighbor’s. She happily let me in and offered me a night to stay. She is just as beautiful as years ago. Time doesn’t leave any trace on her. My evil thoughts occurred in my mind again. This time, it was different. It was more serious and I had the confidence to make it happen.

She cooked us dinner. During dinner, we had a lot of talk about kinds of things, such as relationships. I was quite shocked to find out that she is now looking for serious relationships. Discussing deeper things can indeed bring us closer. With the right atmosphere, I kissed her on the lips. One thing led to another, we ended up lying in one bed.