Make sure you are on the same page

All swinger couples and singles know that threesome requires communication. First, you should communicate to make sure your relationship is strong enough to handle the invasion of the third person. An insecure relationship would be easily stroke down by another person. Second, you should make sure you are 100% on board with it. You are not doing it to please your significant other. You are doing it because you want to. Third, you should set boundaries. Is there something particular that you don’t want your partner to do? Like penetrating the third or kissing? If there is, bring it out on the table and make sure everyone is clear with that, or you will be regretting when it really happens during the process. Nothing can be more depressing than being stopped when other people are having fun. Fourth, you should also communicate with your significant about whom to have couple dating with. Whether you are going to find him/her on tinder for threesome apps or in your friend circle, you should make this decision together. Actually, you need to make every decision together.

The above are the common four things we should discuss about before having a 3som for swinger couples. However, there is one important thing being left out, which is you should always be on the same page. By saying same page, I mean you should be crystal clear with each other. There shouldn’t be any form of misunderstanding, or it could lead to serious consequences. Let me give you an example.

My husband and I have established an open relationship for over 4 years. It has been going smoothly, but it isn’t always this smooth from the beginning. Actually, we made some very terrible mistakes.

When we just decided to live a swinglifestyle, we were both very nervous about it. We didn’t know much information about it and I thought there was no need to do pre-research, since every couple had different circumstances. My husband was going on a business trip and wouldn’t be back for 3 days. When he left, I was told that I could fool around with other people if I want to. A least I thought this was what he tried to say to me. I can’t remember the exact words he said. I went to a bar that night and met a guy. We hung out for several time during that time. In the third day, I took him to my house and watched a movie. When we were making out, my husband walked in. He was shocked by the scene. I was half naked with another man in our couch. He kicked the man out. We argued furiously. I told him that it was him who said that I could fool around with other people. He said that he was saying I could find someone so that he could have threesome when he comes back. When I really thought about it, he really did mean that back then. I made a huge mistake, but he didn’t make himself clear. So we made peace with that. I hope you won’t make such mistakes.