Methods of Improving the Situation of Transgender People

Although transgender people are being known by an increasing number of people, and people are often called to protect the legitimate rights and interests of transsexual people, in fact, just a small of part of them really do this. This is also a lot of transgender people are reported to have been or are being discriminated against or even bullied by others. From these reports, it is not difficult to find that the poverty rate of ts people is much higher than that of any other type of people. The fundamental reason is that in the workplace, trans people do not get the same fair opportunities as cisgender people, whether in terms of entry or promotion. Therefore, if we want to change their current situation, we need the whole society to make better changes in all aspects. I believe that as long as the following points are implemented, the situation will be much better.

  1. Oppose any anti transgender speech or behavior

In our daily life, we often hear some remarks against transsexual people. It may be just a joke for cisgender people, but for ts groups, it will cause them a lot of trouble and harm. For example, transsexual people have the same rights as others to public places, including toilets and restaurants. In the workplace, they should be guaranteed the same rights and opportunities of competition, entry and promotion as cisgender people. This limitation should also be reflected in speech. Any sarcastic or insulting remarks to this group should be stopped. I believe that as long as some discrimination against this group is eliminated, their situation will be much better.

  1. Support the use of public toilets of all genders

Of all the embarrassing situations faced by ts group, the most distressing is the use of public toilets. Because MTF is not considered as a real woman by cisgender people, FTM is not considered as a real man, because when they use the toilet consistent with their gender identity, they will be laughed at, excluded or even abused by the people inside. But if they use toilets that are consistent with their assigned sex, they will feel that their gender is not really recognized. Therefore, in order to prevent such embarrassing scenes from continuing, the use of all gender toilets should be called for and supported. In this way, they will not be excluded as all genders can use the same toilet. Find the best pure dating app here.

  1. Call for more research and reports on transgender people

Compared with the previous decades, trans groups do get more recognition. But on the whole, this is not enough. There are still many people who lack of awareness and recognition of this group. I believe that an in-depth understanding of a group is a prerequisite for them to accept the group from the bottom of their hearts. Therefore, it is necessary to call for more reports and research on this group. As more people get to know them, they won't be seen as a special group.